Ted's House - Motorcycle Trip Reports
Canada, 1996

Day 4
Halifax/Porter's Lake to Baddeck, Cape Breton

I am becoming more and more convinced that you can be plopped down blindfolded anywhere in North America and know where you landed simply by looking at the sides of the road. In Texas, look for armadillos, North Carolina you'll find opossum, Virginia, look for raccoons and squirrels. In Nova Scotia, look for porcupines and lots of `em. At first I thought they were really furry dogs, but after a closer look it was pretty apparent that dogs and quills are an accident, not road-kill.

For the first time I stopped at a bank to exchange some cash and discovered two very important things, that the exchange rate is actually 35% (not 28-30%) and that not all places charge 3% to make the change. I hopped onto Rt. 7 for the "Marine Route" from Halifax, NS to Mulgrave, NS. The US could learn a great deal from Canada's treatment of tourists. The free maps they give out at "Tourist Information" houses (which are practically everywhere!) list sites of interest with small icons for different activities, both public and private campgrounds, even color-coded themed routes. The Marine route runs along the coast up to Sherbrooke (a fully restored 1800's town with plays, town's folk in period dress & trade shops s/a the very cool Blacksmith) then onto 211, 316 and finally 344 to Mulgrave. The roads were incredible (actually the roads themselves were not so hot, often had cracks many with grass growing in them =8-O but the views and the curves were great. I crossed over a cable ferry and came across several fishing villages, most had reserved the highest bluff in the town for big white churches and graveyards. I finally stopped pulling over to take pictures of incredible views because I was using up too much film!

Crossing the causeway from Mulgrave over to Cape Breton is a real experience. Down the channel there are a few HUGE plant complexes with giant cargo ships, and a whole mountain being eaten away for gravel. After a quick stop at the Tourist Information center I had reservations at The Trailsman motel ($50 Canadian, $60 after taxes) and was making tracks to beat the sunset and cold temps that follow.

Product Evaluation of the Day

Kathy's Bag Liners, available for $92 at Bob's BMW. They are a replacement for the BMW bag liners and are form-fitted to the BMW cases and made from Nylon Cordura. They are NOT waterproof, but didn't let a drop through in the deluge of Day 2. They have an inner zippered pocket that, with a generous sized piece of ˝" foam fits my TI Extensa 510 laptop, and an outer pocket that form fits the "pocket" in the BMW bags.
Likes: They work as advertised and fit easily into the cases even when stuffed full of clothes, computers, etc. I should have bought these a long time ago.
Dislikes: The inner pocket should be a little more generous, and there should be one on each side for $92.00.

One Ferry, One Island, lots of miles,
another incredible sunset.

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