BMW K1200RS Gen-1 Service Intervals
formatted for the WWW by Ted Verrill

Service or Procedure

600 Mile ServiceBMW Service
BMW Inspection
BMW AnnualOther
Change Engine Oil & Filter (1)XXXX
Gearbox OilX
Rear Wheel Drive OilXEvery 24,000
Check Valve Clearances & Replace Chain Tensioner Rail facing materialX (4)
Spark PlugsX
Fuel Filter Element (2)Every 24,000
Renew CoolantEvery 2 years
Check Batter, regrease terminalsXX
Air Cleaner (3)X
Check Brake PadsXX
Check front/rear brake fluid levelsXXX
Renew Brake FluidX
Check Clutch Fluid LevelXXX
Check Sidestand SwitchXXX
Lube sidestandXXX
Check Centerstand, lube if necessaryXXX
Check fit of rear wheel boltsX
Clean inductive signal transmitter at rear wheelXX
Read out MoDiTeC fault memoryXXXX
Check throttle cable play, adjust if necessaryXX

NOTE: Always change fluids when engine at regular operating temperature.
1. If motorcycle is used for only short journeys or at temperatures below 0C, every 3 months and at least every 1,800 miles.
2. If fuel is of poor quality, every 12,000 miles.
3. If dirty or dusty conditions, replace every 6,000 miles.
. Replace tensioner rail every 36,000 miles.

Copyright Ted Verrill, 1998