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BMW e30 Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Item Insp. I
15k / 12 mo
Insp. II
30k / 24 mo
Oil Change service
Change oil and oil filter  

Tune up

Check and adjust valve clearance. Replace valve cover gasket if necessary.
Replace spark plugs    
Replace air filter    
Replace main fuel filter    
Inspect ignition distributor cap, rotor and spark plug wires; replace as necessary
Check idle mixture and adjust, if applicable
Engine compartment maintenance
Check brake fluid level  
Check clutch fluid level  
Check battery acid level and correct as necessary  
Check engine coolant level and anti-freeze protection and add as necessary. Inspect for cooling system leaks  
Lubricate accelerator linkage and throttle linkage with oil. Lubricate bearing of throttle plate with grease  
Inspect V-belt tension and condition, and adjust or replace as necessary    
Under car Maintenance
Check manual transmission oil level and add as necessary  
Replace manual transmission oil    
Check differential fluid level  
Replace differential oil    
Check fuel tank, fuel lines, and all connections for leaks  
Inspect exhaust system  
Check power steering system for leaks. Check fluid Level  
Check brake calipers and dust boots for leaks  
Inspect brake system for damaged hoses and lines, leaks or damage  
Check brake pad wear  
Inspect parking brake cable, adjust as necessary  
Inspect front suspension and steering for play  
Inspect rear drive axle joint boots  
Check front wheel bearing play    
Inspect wheels and tires, check tire pressure and condition  
Inspect clutch for wear    
Body and interior maintenance
Lubricate door hinges  
Check headlight and driving light aiming and adjust as necessary  
Check operation of headlights, parking lights, back-up lights, license plate lights, interior lights, glove box light, engine compartment light, trunk light, instrument panel lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, stop lights, horns, headlight flasher and dimmer switch  
Check active check control panel  
Sliding sunroof, clean and lubricate slide rail
Check function of air conditioning and refrigerant charge
Check function of seat belts  
Check windshield washer fluid level and add as necessary, Check operation of washer system, Check condition of wiper blades  
Road Test
Check braking performance, steering heating and ventilation, automatic transmission, and mirrors  
Oil Change Every 3-5000 miles. Closer to 5000 if you're using synthetic.
Rotate Tires Torque lug nuts to 72 +/- 7 ft.-lbs.
Oxygen Sensor 50,000 miles as recommended by the manual.
Compression Test Nominal value: 145 - 155 psi +/- 7 psi.
Brake Fluid Annually. Recommended by the service manual.
Anti-Freeze Bi-Annually. Recommended by the service manual.
Service Bulletins by Year 1991

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