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e30 Cat-Back Exhaust Replacement

e30 Cabriolets have notoriously short-lived exhaust systems. Mine developed a crack between the main pipe and the can and while I enjoyed the deep rumble I got tired of setting off car alarms in my parking garage and I doubt the Inspection man would have fallen for the "it's a sport system" two years in a row.

I set about to replace it by first polling the Roadfly e30 Boards and received some very sage advice. Since I could find no in-depth article on this job I decided to create one :)

1. Parts

You have a lot of choices for (Cat-back) exhaust systems, but if you are going for OEM you basically have three: Bosal, Eberspaecher and buying from the actual dealer (who will not tell you the brand but inevitably is one of the previous two I've mentioned.) The Bosal is available from Bavarian Auto, and the Eberspaecher from EAP4Parts - both for about $175. Shipping was much less than I thought at $25 for two-day delivery (and it literally showed up 48 hours after placing the order!) My dealer wanted about $300 with my discount and had to order with at least a week wait-time, EAP4Parts wasn't answering phones, so I went with BavAuto.

I also ordered the BavAuto Install kit from BavAuto and at $50 it is quite complete: one large bag held the muffler can straps/mounts and the two donuts, one bag held the two differently sized pipe gaskets, and the final bag the 4 steel bolts, 4 steel nuts, 4 copper nuts and the final rubber donut.

Total price: $250 - $175 for the pipe, $50 for the install kit, $25 for shipping (BavAuto price-matched EAP4Parts.)

2. Installation

There was no good tech article I could find on replacing the 325 exhaust. I was pointed to this article on BMWe30Net but it is a bit short on detail and lacks any photos.

3. Wuss Out

OK, ok, the lack of a garage finally got me. I had the car jacked up and the bolts PB-Blasted and just could not get the angle I needed to do it right. I brought it to a nearby shop and they had the old out and the new in inside of 30 minutes. Turns out I guess I have one of the only 325iC's out there with bolts that did not need to be cut off. Final install price, $55.


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